Do-it-Yourself Glass Printing  

Things you need to know if you want to learn the art of printing on Glass 

When it comes to any creative projects, it is always a good idea to remember that at times doing a bit of research beforehand, can help make or break the project.  Whether you are printing on glass bottles, putting on caulk or sewing a runway dress, knowing the basics is always a place to start.  

In this article, you will learn about the 101 of glass printing, what you need to know and what you need to do. It is important that you achieve a pretty neat result. After all since, you are shouldering this on, why not go all out right. So, be prepared to go in a mini-adventure right in your home.  

 Glass Printing

There are actually a couple of ways to do this project. It takes a little bit of getting used to. However, there is no need for you to worry. You can just have fun with it and learn as you go. However, you cannot really start unless you know the basics of it. So here we go with it.  


It’s not really something that you should put aside. When it comes to doing any art works it is worth it to remember that at times you need a great collection of materials to use. So, whether what kind of materials you are going for, it is always important to remember that you need to have this.  

Some of the materials that you would need in printing:  

  • Printing Inks  
  • Squeegees 
  • Stencils  
  • Silk Screen 
  • Refill Stencils 
  • Transparency Board  



When it comes to your artwork there are actually a lot of things to deal with. You have to be careful about the types and kinds of materials you will have to use. Although it doesn’t seem much now, it actually is in the long run. It plays a big role about that, so you might want to do your research on what works best on which.  


When it comes to glass it is important that you use the right spray. You want to make sure that your stencil is in there with your surface. If it isn’t the paint could bleed and that could end up looking like something you don’t want. So, to avoid any problems in the long run, you need to consider this.  


Since you will be printing in a hard surface like glass. It might be helpful if you can use a high definition stencil. If you do that, you can create a greater and cleaner looking picture. Which is something that you should go for.  

When it comes to your things. You have to remember that sometimes you will have to deal with art mistakes and failures. You shouldn’t lose hope if that is so, it is part of learning and sooner or later you will figure something much more in the long run. Just enjoy the process and you’ll be great!  

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Most Important Tips for Winter Emergencies: Roof Damage, Water Damage, Zen Pipes

During at the coldest temperature of the winter season, the last thing you would want to be a part with is roof damage or water damage, or both. However, the wintery mix of freezing and cold temperatures and power storms means that flooding as well as frozen pipes or even compromised roofing are very real chances. The most common problems encountered by the homeowners during winter months are actually the outcomes of such disasters or extreme weather conditions.

1. Frozen Pipes

In places which drop temperature below freezing point, it is usually very essential to be vigilant about keeping frozen pipes during winter especially if your property is new, vacant or recently remodeled. In addition to that, frozen pipes can also be prevented by thoroughly examining all portions of the building where temperatures could likely drop below freezing point and then taking some preventive precautions such as adding a heat source, sealing openings, or adding pipe insulation.

In any structure, it may be small or big, there is always a possibility that you’ll overlook something and result to a frozen pipe which could burst over time. If there is a certain portion which worries you a lot, make sure that you inspect the pipes for any signs of freezing especially when the temperature is at its coldest by looking for signs like cracks, expansion or even frost on a pipe, and also by trying to run water over the pipe.

If you spot a frozen pipe, the following steps can help you decrease the chances of pipe bursting out:

1. Turn the water supply off to the property at the primary water shutoff valve.

2. Examine the pipes thoroughly for any signs of cracks and note if there is any that you spot.

3. If you find a crack, it’s highly recommended that you call a professional plumber or a reputable water restoration service provider right away prior to doing anything else on your own.

It’s highly advised by experts that you only let these things be done by professionals and highly experienced individuals in this field since this is something that they do in a daily manner. Because of that, they are already skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to handling any types of water damage. Aside from that, they also have the right tools and equipment to perform the job in the most efficient, safe and timely manner.

We hope that your entire winter season is fun, free from mishap, and safe. If you’re able to experience the types of water damages that we have mentioned above, then it’s very important that you respond right away, methodically and calmly. Aside from that, it’s also very important that you ensure that you only call the right experts and professionals in place in order to assist you in this kind of situation. So, the next time you encounter a water damage of any kind, make sure that you only contact a highly reputable water damage Colorado Springs expert.

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What You Should Know About Trees Growing Near Your House

Like most other plant life, trees have a mind. As a matter of fact, their roots will grow to portions of the least resistance and that may involve the side of your house. 


As an owner of a house, seeing some tips of the root structure of your trees growing towards your house can actually be alarming.  

Traditional wisdom or belief should tell you that when the roots of the tree grow in the side of your house, it can lead to significant damage to your home structure. 

Is this really a threat? 

You do not have to necessarily get rid of a tree only because it is growing close to your home. Unless it is causing you some problems such as damage to your property or posing a high risk of causing damage to property and safety, it is best to just leave the way it is, although you are responsible of monitoring it frequently.  

In some instances, trees growing near to your home can give you a lot of benefits. They give natural shade, thus, reducing the cooling costs of your home during summer months.  

Roots of the trees emerging through the surface can also give protection to the foundation of your house from running it off. Not only that, they will work in order to block water, preventing it from touching the side of your house.  

In addition to that, trees provide aesthetic worth to the landscape of your home as well. They considerably improve your landscape by adding new visual appeal and color. 

Some research studies have found that putting additional trees to the landscape of your house enhances its market worth, it is mainly because of the advantages the trees provide.  

However, in some instances, some trees can definitely cause property damage if they grow too near to your house. The expansion of the root system of the trees can penetrate through sidewalks and driveways, leading to an extensive damage that is very costly and hard to repair. 

Furthermore, roots of the trees can also contribute to or cause cracks in the foundation of your home. As the roots of the trees squeeze against the foundation of your home, it increases the pressure while stressing your home’s foundation. A crack in your home’s foundation will emerge once enough pressure has been applied.    

Getting Rid of Trees Too Near to Your House 

If a tree is causing damage to your home or property or has the risk to causing damage to your house, then it is the right time to take immediate and appropriate action to get rid of it. Ignoring or not doing anything about it will not make the issue disappear. A very thin crack in your home’s foundation can expand quickly while posing threats to other portions of your house. 

 For instance, if the tree is not that big, you may be able to chop it down by yourself with the use of a chainsaw. However, tree trimming or chopping down trees is very dangerous and sometimes, can lead to some serious injuries or property damages, or even. 



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It is very lucky for some kids that their parents can help them to study at a university or even abroad. It will give them the chance to have a good future and college education. Aside from that, they would be able to buy the things that they like and all the foods that they wanted to eat. This is a good kind of life that everyone is dreaming of.

Spend and Save Money

It is unfortunate for some kids that they have to work at a very young age just to support their studies. They need to work harder to help their parents with everyday life. Some would not even have a decent kind of house to live and it is very hard for them to find mortgage specialist to help them because first and for most they don’t have money to pay it back and they don’t have the permanent job to support this. That is the reason why a lot of parents would teach their kids the right way to save money while they are still very young.

It would help them to come to realize that spending money is just a simple thing to do but saving and earning money could be the hardest thing to do while you are still alive. You need to do a lot of hard work and ability to save enough money for yourself. Even you work so hard sometimes, it is still lacking and not enough to support the things that you like to buy and the stuff that you want for yourself. Below are the suggestions that you can do to teach your kids to understand the importance of saving money while they are still young and able to do so.

Try to talk to them about this. Make sure that they are in a good mood to accept things and suggestions. Tell them that they can save money by keeping small amounts of coin. Sooner or later, it would grow and become a big amount. They can start by giving them a piggy coin bank or anything where they can put some of their extra money.

Try to motivate them every day, you may want to start with setting up a chart. In the chart, you can draw a timetable or even like a calendar. They need to put the amount of money that they put to their coin bank every day. It will encourage them to save more if they could see that it is getting bigger.

You can tell them that by saving some money, they could buy the toys that they like or the things that they want to buy. If they don’t want to buy anything. Just tell them that in the future you may use it for sending himself to a good university or school.

You can also teach them in a way that they don’t need to buy those things that they don’t really need. You can tell them the difference between a want and a need.

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What Can People Do on a Party Bus?

Almost all individuals who use party bus rental services have only 1 thought in mind – Drinks. However, did you know that there are several options to make the party bus fun, aside from booze? Here are some of them:

  • Provide the Party with a Theme

If the guest of honor has a favorite theme, it is time for you to use that and have everybody come accordingly dressed.

Whenever it comes to themes, there is no limit. You could have a pajama party, Mardis Gras, Disco, famous couples in history, sports team rivalries or favorite sports teams, or even an 80’s theme.

  • Decorate the Party Bus

Do not forget to decorate the party bus to complement the great attire that’s definitely to show up to the party, while selecting a theme and making it a costume contest of kinds.

You could utilize banners, streamers, and balloons. These props could be easily taped up and take down after without scratching the interior finishes or incurring a cleaning charge.

  • Trivia, Card, and Board Games

As you go to the destination, there are a lot of board games in the world that you could have the attendees play on the party bus. You may choose games that do not require a table top depending on whether the party bus has tables or not. In addition to that, you could also look for digital versions of the games and have tablets to play on.

  • Dance Revolution

Make a great music playlist that the passengers could safely dance to. However, you should be careful since the bus is in motion. Always remember to examine the rental firm what kind of sound system the bus is furnished with. Accordingly plan and carry any type of device you require together with an auxiliary cord if necessary.

  • Tell Tales

You can look for a fictional book and have the attendees take turns reading paragraphs from only 1 chapter. Then, let the attendees guess where that paragraph is from.

  • Have a Sing Off

It is fun to have a karaoke contest. Aside from that, it is also a team building activity that creates a bonding experience between friends. Divide the attendees into 5 groups and have them plan a song to sing. Offer the groups around 10 minutes to prepare and then start the contest.

  • Coloring

For those who do not know, coloring is a past time that is not just for kids. There are a lot of available adult coloring books that are made to make a more Zen and calm environment. Carry with you a stack of coloring books. You could also find some free pages on the internet and print it.

  • Bring Me

Females are well-known for having random stuff in their handbags and purses. You could make a list before the bus starts moving. Once the ride starts, divide the passengers into 2 groups. Begin calling items out. The team to first give you the item you need gets a point.

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Frugal in Air Conditioning

Air conditioners are very much important to us in our households. But you have to admit, it can get pretty expensive pretty fast. Frederick air conditioning is expensive but it is something that we all should be happy about because without it, we might be melting in the heat of the summer days. However, there are good things you can do to make sure that you are able to save money with your electric bill while still being able to stay comfortable during the hot days of the years.

Reminder 1: Be smart with it

It is important that you be smart with the usage of your air conditioning. Despite popular belief it is more important for you to be able to have a programmable thermostat that would help save energy for you. When you are not in the house make sure that your air conditioning system is not running full speed. Rather lower it instead so it will work less compared to turning it off entirely, your bills can sky rocket without second thought to that.

Reminder 2: Clean the filter

I think this goes without saying, you should clean the filter of your air conditioning system for it. You see it you let it be dirty all the time, you’ll soon find yourself with more to repair than if you took care of the air filter. Dirty air filter will lead to dirty duct work and so your air conditioning system unit will have to work extra hard. It will increase the bill and also wear down your system unit much sooner than its expected life span.

Reminder 3: Maintenance and Check up

It is important for you to call an AC technician to look over your system unit this is a way of ensuring the longevity of the air-conditioning unit and saving more money in the long run. It is impeccably important that you get this to be able prevent bigger damages that will cost more in repairs and the like in the end.

Reminder 4: Energy Star

Energy stars if it is available in your states will help you save more in energy and thus save more in the electricity bill.

Reminder 5: Think ahead always

This is important weigh the costs you’ll be paying if you have a central air conditioning unit compared to a smaller one. You’ll have to think thoroughly which one is worth it more in the kind of lifestyle you lead.

Basically, being frugal is being smart about what you do with your money. The actions you need to take to achieve what you need but still live in comfort. Throwing away money is never good and it may lead to pretty bad situations in the end. The smart thing to do is to take the right steps and now and make sure that you’ll have less cost in the long run by being persevering and taking into account the short and long-term consequences of an action.

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