One of the most popular smartphone brands in this generation is iPhone. It’s because of the phone’s specifications, clear camera, security, storage and battery life. The applications you can install are useful for average users, students and businessmen. It’s also a good looking phone which enhances everything. However, the downside of this smartphone is that its battery doesn’t last two years. If you don’t take good care of it, it won’t last that long. In this article, we will tell you the signs of a failing battery.  

A Dying iPhone Battery 

According to the CEO of Raid Repair Aaron Vronko, in every charge cycle you are losing one minute of your battery capacity. It means that when if your battery has the lifespan of 250 to 500 charge cycles, you lose 250 minutes to 500 minutes of the battery life. That is equal to approximately 8 hours of its life. Imagine that, for the charging cycle alone. If you use your device carelessly, your iPhone battery might be dead before its lifespan.  

For example, if you use the device in extreme temperature, your battery capacity will also degrade. If you also use the device until it powers off before you recharge it; that could damage the battery too. If you continuously do habits like draining the device then recharging it, your battery will be the most affected.  

To avoid shorter lifespan of the battery, you can do things like disabling features like Notifications, Wi-Fi and Location Services while you’re charging. Purchase a power bank of battery pack so if the device drains while you’re somewhere that don’t have power outlets, you can easily charge your device.  

Signs to Replace your Battery 

It is recommended to have your iPhone batteries replaced 10 months after your purchase the device. Your battery already lost its 30% battery life at that time and the remaining percentage wouldn’t be enough for you usage. The following are some of the signs of your dying iPhone.  

  1. Shorter Battery Life 

Like we mentioned, if the battery life of your iPhone is shorter, it’s already dying. Go to the nearest shop of iPhone repair Denver to have it checked. But before that, charge your device in a full capacity and note how long it takes to drain the battery. Compare it to the specs written in the manual. If there’s a significant change, then the battery lost most of its life.  

     2. Device Randomly Shuts Off 

If your iPhone shuts off without commanding it to do so, then you might have problems with the dirty contact. You can clean in on your own but if you don’t know how, consult a phone repair technician. It’s either he will clean the contact or replace the battery.  

      3. Check through Battery Health Apps 

There are few applications that check your battery’s health. This will give you an idea about the current condition of your battery, whether it’s fast dying or not. Also, make sure you take good care of your device well. Nothing beats that.