During at the coldest temperature of the winter season, the last thing you would want to be a part with is roof damage or water damage, or both. However, the wintery mix of freezing and cold temperatures and power storms means that flooding as well as frozen pipes or even compromised roofing are very real chances. The most common problems encountered by the homeowners during winter months are actually the outcomes of such disasters or extreme weather conditions.

1. Frozen Pipes

In places which drop temperature below freezing point, it is usually very essential to be vigilant about keeping frozen pipes during winter especially if your property is new, vacant or recently remodeled. In addition to that, frozen pipes can also be prevented by thoroughly examining all portions of the building where temperatures could likely drop below freezing point and then taking some preventive precautions such as adding a heat source, sealing openings, or adding pipe insulation.

In any structure, it may be small or big, there is always a possibility that you’ll overlook something and result to a frozen pipe which could burst over time. If there is a certain portion which worries you a lot, make sure that you inspect the pipes for any signs of freezing especially when the temperature is at its coldest by looking for signs like cracks, expansion or even frost on a pipe, and also by trying to run water over the pipe.

If you spot a frozen pipe, the following steps can help you decrease the chances of pipe bursting out:

1. Turn the water supply off to the property at the primary water shutoff valve.

2. Examine the pipes thoroughly for any signs of cracks and note if there is any that you spot.

3. If you find a crack, it’s highly recommended that you call a professional plumber or a reputable water restoration service provider right away prior to doing anything else on your own.

It’s highly advised by experts that you only let these things be done by professionals and highly experienced individuals in this field since this is something that they do in a daily manner. Because of that, they are already skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to handling any types of water damage. Aside from that, they also have the right tools and equipment to perform the job in the most efficient, safe and timely manner.

We hope that your entire winter season is fun, free from mishap, and safe. If you’re able to experience the types of water damages that we have mentioned above, then it’s very important that you respond right away, methodically and calmly. Aside from that, it’s also very important that you ensure that you only call the right experts and professionals in place in order to assist you in this kind of situation. So, the next time you encounter a water damage of any kind, make sure that you only contact a highly reputable water damage Colorado Springs expert.